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Question No.141

A customer cannot access a company#39;s secure website. The company#39;s network security is reviewing the firewall for the server and finds the following output:


Which of the following changes should be made to allow all customers to access the company#39;s secure website?

  1. Allow any any 443

  2. Allow any any 443

  3. Allow 443 any any

D. Allow any 80

Correct Answer: C

Question No.142

The server team has just installed an application across three different servers. They are asking that all requests to the application are spread evenly across the three servers. Which of the following should the network team implement to fulfil the request?

  1. Proxy server

  2. UTM appliance

  3. Content filter

  4. Load balancer

Correct Answer: D

Question No.143

A network technician receives a call from a user in the accounting department stating that Internet connectivity has been lost after receiving a new workstation. No other users in accounting are reporting similar issues. The network technician is able to ping the machine from the accounting department#39;s router, but is not able to ping the machine from the IT network. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

  1. Incorrect default gateway

  2. Duplicate IP address

  3. Misconfigured OSPF

  4. Improper VLAN assignment

Correct Answer: A

Question No.144

A Network administrator has been given a network of and wants to know the usable range of IP addresses on that subnet. Witch of the following indicates the correct IP address range?

A. –

B. –

C. –

D. –

Correct Answer: C

Question No.145

A technician is upgrading the firmware on an older KVM switch. The specifications call for a serial port to connect to the computer on one side, and an Ethernet jack to connect to the switch on the other side. Which of the following connectors does the technician need for this cable? (Choose two.)

  1. RG-9

  2. DB-9

  3. RJ-11

  4. DB-25

  5. RJ-45

  6. BNC

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.146

A user reports that a laptop cannot connect to the Internet despite the fact the wireless Internet was functioning on it yesterday. The user did not modify the laptop in any way, and the wireless Internet is functional on other users#39; laptops. Which of the following issues should be reviewed to help the user to connect to the wireless network?

  1. Wireless switch toggled off

  2. WAP settings

  3. WLAN IP address out of scope

  4. Wireless controller misconfiguration

Correct Answer: A

Question No.147

An analyst is developing a proof of concept of a wireless-based attack as part of a penetration test against an organization#39;s network. As part of the attack, the analyst launches a fake access point matching the SSID of the organization#39;s guest access network. When a user connects to the fake access point, the analyst allows the traffic to flow through the access point to the legitimate site while the data traversing the network is logged for latest analysis and exploitation. Which of the following attacks has the analyst successfully performed in this scenario?

  1. Bluesnarfing

  2. Session hijacking

  3. MAC spoofing

  4. VLAN hopping

  5. Man-in-the-middle

Correct Answer: E

Question No.148

Which of the following is the number of broadcast domain that are created when using an unmanaged 12-port switch?











Correct Answer: B

Question No.149

An engineer is reviewing the implementation requirements for an upcoming project. The basic requirements identified by the customer include the following:

WLAN architecture supporting speeds in excess of 150 Mbps Clientless remote network access

Port-based network access control

Which of the following solution sets properly addresses all of the identified requirements? A. 802.11a, IPSec VPN, 802.1x

B. 802.11ac, MPLS, 802.3 C. 802.11b, PPTP, 802.1x

D. 802.11g, MS-CHAP, 802.16 E. 802.11n, SSL-VPN, 802.1x

Correct Answer: E

Question No.150

A company has a web-based application that is used by many different departments. The company has experienced some overload of resources on the database server. The network administrator implements a network device in between the servers and the database. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of this device?

  1. Content filtering and network analysis

  2. Load balancing and providing high availability

  3. Port sniffing and protocol analysis

  4. Clustering and NIC teaming

Correct Answer: B

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