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Topic 4, Proseware, Inc



General Background

You are a SharePoint administrator for a media distribution company named Proseware, Inc. Proseware is in the process of upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. The IT group has deployed a new SharePoint 2013 farm. The farm is not yet fully configured.

You are supporting the product development group during the planning and configuration of the new SharePoint farm. The product development group includes the research, development, and marketing teams. The product development group has multiple team sites and project collaborations sites in the current SharePoint 2010 farm.


Business Background

Stakeholders have identified the following initiatives:


clip_image002ProseWeb, a public website that will allow anonymous visitors to browse the company’s product catalog.

clip_image002[1]PartnerWeb, a public website that will allow authenticated users from partner companies to collaborate on product materials.

clip_image002[2]ProductsKB, a centralized repository where teams can publish product-related documents, images, videos, and other information related to the company’s product catalog. Information in this site will be consumed by the ProseWeb site.


Technical Background

The company has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain named proseware.com. All servers and user accounts are members of the domain. The company has purchased the proseware-apps.com domain to support SharePoint apps.


The SharePoint 2013 farm currently has the following configuration:


clip_image002[3]The farm includes seven SharePoint servers named SPWEB1, SPWEB2, SPWEB3, SPWEB4, SPADM1, SPAPP1, and SPAPP2.

clip_image002[4]SPWEB1, SPWEB2, SPWEB3, SPWEB4 and SPADM1 are configured as front-end web servers.

clip_image002[5]SPADM1 is dedicated for administration purposes.

clip_image002[6]Windows Network Load Balancing has been configured to load balance all host names across the front-end web servers.

clip_image002[7]Central Administration has been provisioned on SPWEB4 and SPADM1.

clip_image002[8]The farm includes two database servers named SQL1 and SQL2 that run Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise.

clip_image002[9]Wildcard certificates for *.proseware.com and *.proseware-apps.com have been installed on all SharePoint servers.


Five web applications have been created:


clip_image002[10]ProseWeb – https://www.proseware.com

clip_image002[11]PartnerWeb – https://partners.proseware.com

clip_image002[12]ProductsKB – https://kb.proseware.com

clip_image002[13]Teams – https://teams.proseware.com

clip_image002[14]Apps – https://proseware-apps.com


The SharePoint development team has created a custom web template solution package named ProseWebTemplate.WSP for provisioning the ProseWeb site collection. The package includes a custom template named ProseWeb.

An instance of a managed metadata service application has been configured with a content type hub. Two enterprise content types named Product Document and Product Image have been published in the content type hub and are available across all web applications and sites.

All team collaboration site collections for the product development group are contained in a single content database named sp_content_teams_productdev. The database has been restored on SQL1, and upgraded by using the database attach method on the Teams web application. The site collections have not been ungraded.

All team collaboration site collections for the product development group are referenced under a wildcard managed path at https://teams.proseware.com/productdev.

The product development marketing team collaboration site is located at https:// teams.proseware.com/productdev/marketing.

The marketing team has made significant customizations to their team collaboration site by using Microsoft SharePoint Designer.


Business Requirements

The SharePoint 2013 environment must meet the following business requirements:


clip_image002[15]Due to export and copyright restrictions, SharePoint sites may be accessed only from within North America.

clip_image002[16]The ProseWeb site must display a fixed-width page design for desktop browsers, and a single responsive web design for all mobile devices. The company’s web designers have prepared two site templates that meet these requirements.

clip_image002[17]To support the website design layouts, images on the website must be rendered in one of three standard sizes, specified in pixels: Thumbnail (150 x 150), Catalog (300 x 300), and Detail (500 x 500).

clip_image002[18]Users must be able to easily copy product-related documents, images, and other files from any team collaboration site to the ProductsKB site. Metadata on content must be preserved when moving or copying content between sites.

clip_image002[19]The product development group’s team collaboration site collections must be upgraded.


Technical Requirements

You have the following technical requirements:


clip_image002[20]SQL Server connections must use TCP and port 1488.

clip_image002[21]Site collection upgrades must be throttled for no more than 20 concurrent upgrades within any content database, and throttled at 10 concurrent upgrades for any web application instance.


If a site collection has been customized by using SharePoint Designer:


clip_image002[22]The site collection upgrade must be performed by a farm administrator.

clip_image002[23]All customizations must be evaluated and verified before performing the upgrade.

clip_image002[24]All sandboxed solution code must run on the same server as the original request.

clip_image002[25]Requests originating from outside the company network must not be routed to any server running Central Administration.

clip_image002[26]SPAPP1 and SPAPP2 must not process user requests for site content and pages.

clip_image002[27]You must deploy the custom web template solution as a full-trust farm solution and use the ProseWeb template when creating the root site collection for the ProseWeb web application.

clip_image002[28]The ProductsKB site must be provisioned by using a Records Center site template.








You need to begin configuring services to support solutions.


On the System page of Central Administration, which link should you select?


To answer, select the appropriate link in the answer area.




Correct Answer:









You are planning for high availability of the SharePoint environment.


You need to plan the Request Manager configuration.


How should you configure Request Manager?


To answer, drag the appropriate elements to the correct positions in the answer area. Each element may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.




Correct Answer:































You are preparing to create the ProductsKB site.


You need to create and configure the ProductsKB site to store product images.


Which four actions should you perform in sequence?


To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.




Correct Answer:





You are configuring the ProseWeb site. You need to ensure that the site content displays correctly on all devices. What should you do?



Create a composed look and select the Mobile View option.


Configure a browser cookie named deviceChannel and set the value to Mobile.


Activate the Enable Mobile Views feature on the website.


Configure a device channel. Specify the value MSIE10.0 for the device inclusion rule.


Configure a device channel. Specify the value $FALLBACKMOBILEUSERAGENTS for the device inclusion rule.


Correct Answer: E




You need to upgrade the appropriate site collections. Which two sets of Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)



$wa = Get-SPWebApplication https://teams.proseware.com and $wa.SiteUpgradeThrottleSettings.AppPoolConcurrentUpgradeSessionLimit = 10


$db = Get-SPContentDatabase”sp_content_teams_productdev” and Sdb.ConcurrentSiteUpgradeSessionLimit = 40


$wa = Get-SPWebApplication https://teams.proseware.com/productdev and $wa.SiteUpgradeThrottleSettings.AppPoolConcurrentUpgradeSessionLimi t = 10


$wa = Get-SPWebApplication https://teams.proseware.com and $wa.SiteUpgradeThrottleSettings = 10


$db = Get-SPContentDatabase”sp_content_teams_productdev” and $db.ConcurrentSiteUpgradeSessionLimit = 20


$db = Get-SPContentDatabase “sp_content_teams_productdev” and $db.SiteUpgradeThrottleSettings.AppPoolConcurrentUpgradeSessionLimit = 20


Correct Answer: AE


A: https://teams.proseware.com


Throttle Limit 10 : 10 concurrent upgrades for any web application instance


E: SiteUpgradeThrottleSettings

ConcurrentSiteUpgradeSessionLimit = 20

20 concurrent upgrades


* From scenario:

/ Site collection upgrades must be throttled for no more than 20 concurrent upgrades within any content database, and throttled at 10 concurrent upgrades for any web application instance.




You are preparing to migrate to the new SharePoint environment. You need to configure SQL Server connectivity. What should you do?



Configure a SQL Server client alias.


Configure a CNAME alias for SQL1.


Configure Request Management and specify a routing rule for database connections.


Configure a SQL Server failover cluster.


Correct Answer: A





You are configuring the ProseWeb site.


You need to create the root site collection on the web application.


Which three actions should you perform in sequence?


To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.




Correct Answer:





You need to configure the Send To connection. Which URL should you specify?











Correct Answer: B


* From scenario:

/ The ProductsKB site must be provisioned by using a Records Center site template.

/ ProductsKB – https://kb.proseware.com

* We should append _vti_bin/officialfile.asmx as a default to the URL.

Reference: SharePoint 2010 Document Center Send To Connection Setup Walkthrough




You need to configure caching to support the ProseWeb site design elements. Which cache should you configure?



BLOB cache


Site collection output cache


Site collection object cache


Site output cache


Correct Answer: A




You need to configure the site collection upgrade settings. Which Windows PowerShell cmdlets should you run?



$site = Get-SPSite https://teams.proseware.com/productdev/marketing and Ssite.UpgradeReminderDelay = 0 and $site.UpgradeMaintenanceLink = $n


$site = Get-SPSite https://teams.proseware.com/productdev/marketing and $site.AllowSelfServiceUpgrade = $false


Ssite = Get-SPSite https://teams.proseware.com/productdev/marketing and $site.AllowSelfServiceUpgrade = $true


$site = Get-SPSite https://teams.proseware.com/productdev/research and $site.AllowSelfServiceUpgrade = $false


$site = Get-SPSite https://teams.proseware.com/productdev/research and Ssite.AllowSelfServiceUpgrade = $true


Correct Answer: B


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