VTP modes

Each switch can use one of four different VTP modes:VTP client mode – a switch using this mode can’t change its VLAN configuration. That means that a VTP client switch cannot create or delete VLANs. However, received VTP updates are processed and forwarded.VTP server mode – a switch using this mode can create and delete […]

VTP configuration

We’ve already learned that using VTP makes it is possible to make configuration changes on one or more switches and have those changes automatically advertised to all the other switches in the same VTP domain. In a typical network some switches are configured as VTP servers and other switches are configured as VTP clients. A […]

What is VTP?

VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) is a Cisco proprietary protocol used by Cisco switches to exchange VLAN information. With VTP, you can synchronize VLAN information (such as VLAN ID or VLAN name) with switches inside the same VTP domain. A VTP domain is a set of trunked switches with the matching VTP settings (the domain name, […]