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Question No.41

A cybersecurity analyst has received an alert that well-known quot;call homequot; messages are continuously observed by network sensors at the network boundary. The proxy firewall successfully drops the massages. After determining the alert was a true positive, whichof the following represents OST likely cause?

  1. Attackers are running reconnaissance on company resources.

  2. An outside command and control system is attempting to reach an infected system.

  3. An insider trying to exfiltrate information to a remote network.

  4. Malware is running on a company system

Correct Answer: B

Question No.42

While attending a meeting with the human resources department, an organization#39;sinformation security officer sees an employee using a username and password written on a memo pad to log into a specific service. When the information security officer inquires further as to why passwords are being written down, the response is that thereare too many passwords to remember for all the different services the human resources department is required to use. Additionally, each password has specific complexity requirements and different expiration time frames. Which of the following would be the BEST solution for the information security officer to recommend?

  1. Utilizing MFA

  2. Implementing SSO

  3. Deploying 802.1X

  4. Pushing SAML adoption

  5. Implementing TACACS

Correct Answer: B

Question No.43

A security analyst is attempting to break into a client#39;s secure network. The analyst was not given prior information about the client, except for a block of public IP addresses that are currently in use. After network enumeration, the analyst#39;s NEXT step is to perform:

  1. a gray-box penetration test

  2. a risk analysis

  3. a vulnerability assessment

  4. an external security audit

  5. a red team exercise

Correct Answer: A

Question No.44

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for an organization wants to develop custom IDS rulesets faster, prior to new rules being released by IDS vendors. Which of the following BEST meets this objective?

  1. Identify a third-party source for IDS rules and change the configuration on the applicable IDSs to pull in the new rulesets

  2. Encourage cybersecurity analysts to review open-source intelligence products and threat database to generate new IDS rules based on those sources

  3. Leverage the latest TCP- and UDP-related RFCs to arm sensors and IDSs with appropriate heuristics for anomaly detection

  4. Use annual hacking conventions to document the latest attacks and threats, and then develop IDS rules to counterthose threats

Correct Answer: B

Question No.45

During a security assessment, anorganization is advised of inadequate control over network segmentation. The assessor explains that the organization#39;s reliance on VLANs to segment traffic is insufficient to provide segmentation based on regulatory standards. Which of the following should the organization consider implementing along with VLANs to provide a greater level of segmentation?

  1. Air gaps

  2. Access control lists

  3. Spanning tree protocol

  4. Network virtualization

  5. Elastic load balancing

Correct Answer: D

Question No.46

A pharmacy gives its clients online access to their records and the ability to review bills and make payments. A new SSL vulnerability on a specific platform was discovered, allowing an attacker to capture the data between the end user and the web server providing these services. After the new vulnerability, it was determined that web services provided are being impacted by this new

threat. Which of the following data types MOST likely at risk of exposure based on this new threat? (Select Two)

  1. Cardholder data

  2. Intellectual property

  3. Personal health information

  4. Employee records

  5. Corporate financial data

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.47

Ann, a terminated employee, left personal photos on acompany-issued laptop and no longer has access to them. Ann emails her previous manager and asks to get her personal photos back.

Which of the following BEST describes how the manager should respond?

  1. Determine if the data still exists by inspecting toascertain if the laptop has already been wiped and if the storage team has recent backups.

  2. Inform Ann that the laptop was for company data only and she should not have stored personal photos on a company asset.

  3. Report the email because it may have been a spoofed request coming from an attacker who is trying to exfiltrate data from the company laptop.

  4. Consult with the legal and/or human resources department and check company policies around employment and termination procedures.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.48

A consultant ishired to perform a passive vulnerability assessment of a company to determine what information might be collected about the company and its employees. The assessment will be considered successful if the consultant can discover the name of one of the IT administrators. Which of the following is MOST likely to produce the needed information?

  1. Whois

  2. DNS enumeration

  3. Vulnerability scanner

  4. Fingerprinting

Correct Answer: A

Question No.49

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) instructed the new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to provide a list of enhancements to the company#39;s cybersecurity operation. As a result, the CISO has identified the need to align security operations with industry best practices. Which of the following industry references is appropriate to accomplish this?

  1. OSSM

  2. NIST

  3. PCI

  4. OWASP

Correct Answer: B

Question No.50

A team is at the beginning stages of designing a new enterprise-wide application. The new application will have a large database and require a capital investment in hardware. The Chief Information Officer (IO) has directed the team to save money and reduce the reliance on the datacenter, and the vendor must specialize in hosting large databases in the cloud. Which of the following cloud-hosting options would BEST meet these needs?

  1. Multi-tenancy SaaS

  2. Hybrid IaaS

  3. Single-tenancy PaaS

  4. Community IaaS

Correct Answer: C

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