220-1001 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 91-100

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Question No.91

A user receives the following error message when powering on a computer: Hard drive cannot be found.

A technician restarts the computer, and it boots the OS normally. Several days later, the user reports another problem, but rebooting the computer does not resolve the issue. The technician replaces the motherboard, keeping the same CPU, battery, RAM, and hard drive. The user cannot authenticate at the login screen. Which of the following would BEST explain the causes of the problem? (Select TWO)

  1. POST error code beeps indicate RAM failure.

  2. The system time is not set correctly in the BIOS

  3. The voltage on the coin cell is drained completely

  4. UEFI firmware has the Secure Boot setting enabled

  5. Capacitors on the motherboard are distended

  6. Incorrect settings are booting the wrong device

  7. A BSOD error indicates the system is crashing

Correct Answer: CE

Question No.92

The ability for new computers to be automatically connected to the network is provided by the:

  1. DHCP server

  2. DNS server

  3. proxy server

  4. TACACS server

Correct Answer: A

Question No.93

An ISP has notified a SOHO user of a usage increase on the user#39;s network. The user is concerned the WiFi network is being utilized by unauthorized users. Which of the following would minimize the unauthorized use of the WiFi network?

  1. Implement MAC filtering

  2. Enable NAT

  3. Create a network DMZ

  4. Upgrade the encryption standards

Correct Answer: A

Question No.94

A customer is using a cloud storage program that maintains a copy of local file on the cloud storage servers. The WF network is not very fast, and the customer users bandwidth intensive video streaming all day. Which of the following parameters should be adjust to keep the cloud storage program from using too much bandwidth?

  1. Synchronization settings

  2. Wireless settings

  3. Video streaming settings

  4. QoS settings

Correct Answer: D

Question No.95

Some users are unable to access the Internet form their workstations. A technician runs the ipconfig command on one of the workstations and sees the following:


The technician pings and gets no response. Next, the technician pings and gets no response. The technician is able to successfully ping an adjacent workstation but cannot ping the print server on the floor below. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the Internet connectivity issue in the office?

  1. There is a problem with a router in the office

  2. There is a problem with a DNS server in the office

  3. The users are not getting correct IP addresses from the DHCP server

  4. The wireless access point in the area is down

Correct Answer: A

Question No.96

A technician is configuring a new web server and must have over 10TB of fault-tolerant storage, while minimizing the number of failure points. The applications on the server also require the highest performance available. Which of the following configurations would the technician MOST likely select?

  1. RAID 0 with 1500rpm 15TB drives

  2. RAID 1 with 1000rpm 8TB drives

  3. RAID 5 with 7200rpm 5TB drives

  4. RAID 10 with 5400rpm 6TB drives

Correct Answer: D

Question No.97

Which of the following ports are used for secure sessions? (Select two.)













Correct Answer: AF

Question No.98

A company offers several out-of-the-box computer configurations to its clients. A client requests several new computers for its newest location, which will be used by guests to check in upon arrival and fill out contact information. Which of the following configurations would BEST fit this customer#39;s needs?

  1. Touch-screen kiosk

  2. Thick client

  3. CAD workstation

  4. Virtualized host computer

Correct Answer: A

Question No.99

A user printed several documents to a shared network copier and noticed that they have very faint color density. A technician investigates the issue and verifies that the printer had a maintenance kit installed recently. Which of the following next steps will MOST likely resolve the issue? (Select two.)

  1. Replace the toner cartridges

  2. Replace the fuser module

  3. Clean the paper tray rollers

  4. Adjust the printer settings

  5. Replace the developer

  6. Empty the waste toner bottlers

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.100

A technician is buying a PC that will host three VMs running at the same time with the current configuration. The technician believes there might be a need to run several additional VMs in the near future. Which of the following resources would be the MOST important to upgrade to allow for the additional VMs?

  1. CPU

  2. SSD

  3. NIC

  4. RAM

Correct Answer: B

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