200-310 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 11-20

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Question No.11

What two addresses are defined under RFC 1918? (Choose two.)






Correct Answer: BD

Question No.12

A network engineer is tasked with summarizing the routes to a remote site. What is the optimal route statement to connect to the and networks across the corporate WAN?

A. ip route

B. ip route

C. ip route

D. ip route

Correct Answer: B

Question No.13

Which two considerations are important when designing the core layer? (Choose two)

  1. port security

  2. PoE

  3. Access list requirements

  4. low latency

  5. redundancy

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.14

A network engineer is designing a solution that will monitor IP traffic through corporate routers with the ability to export the flows to a collection engine without using network probes. What technology meets this requirement?

  1. RMON

  2. NetFlow

  3. SNMP

  4. Syslog

  5. IP SLA

Correct Answer: B

Question No.15

A network design engineer is seeking a dynamic routing protocol that supports fast convergence in a Cisco environment. What protocol allows for this?

  1. EIGRP

  2. OSPF

  3. RIP

  4. BGP

  5. IS-IS

Correct Answer: A

Question No.16

What describes the link performance?

  1. Bandwidth

  2. Utilization

  3. Availability

Correct Answer: A



Question No.17

Refer to the exhibit. A standard, Layer 2 campus network design is pictured. Which numbered box represents the distribution layer?


  1. #1

  2. #2

  3. #3

  4. #4

Correct Answer: B

Question No.18

Which Cisco technology can connect more than two switches so that they behave as on switch?

  1. Ether Channel

  2. Stack Wise

  3. VSS

  4. routing

Correct Answer: B

Question No.19

In Cisco ACI, which option is the unified point of automation , management , monitoring and programmble?

  1. Python

  2. REST

  3. APIC

  4. Postman

Correct Answer: C

Question No.20

Which Cisco device management feature is most suited to metering network traffic and providing data for billing network usage?

  1. BGP

  2. Cisco Discovery Protocol

  3. QoS

  4. RMON

  5. NetFlow

Correct Answer: E

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