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Question No.101

What is the maximum number of switches in VSS?









Correct Answer: A

Question No.102

If two routing protocols have the same route and prefix, which effect do they have on the routing table?

  1. Only the route with the lowest administrative distance is added.

  2. Only the route with the highest administrative distance is added.

  3. Both routes are added.

  4. Neither route is added, and a loop is formed.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.103

Which statement is true concerning the data center access layer design?

  1. The access layer in the data center is typically built at Layer 3, which allows for better sharing of services across multiple servers.

  2. With Layer 2 access, the default gateway for the servers can be configured at the access or aggregation layer.

  3. A dual-homing NIC requires a VLAN or trunk between the two access switches to support the dual

    IP addresses on the two server links to two separate switches.

  4. The access layer is normally not required, as dual homing is standard from the servers to the aggregation layer.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.104

Which is part of the Prepare phase of PPDIOO?

  1. Obtain site contact information

  2. Perform network audit

  3. Identify customer requirements

  4. Perform gap analysis

Correct Answer: C



Prepare Phase

The Prepare phase establishes organization and business requirements, develops a network strategy, and proposes a high-level conceptual architecture to support the strategy. Technologies that support the architecture are identified. This phase creates a business case to establish a financial justification for a network strategy.

Question No.105

A consultant at Company XYZ connects to the Guest wireless network but cannot reach the MGMT VLAN to complete an audit . Other users can connect to the MGMT VLAN without any issues. Why is the consultant unable to access the MGMT VLAN?

  1. The AP is offline

  2. The access is not permitted

  3. The MGMT VLAN is down

  4. The WLC is offline

Correct Answer: B

Question No.106

How does the use of multiple areas in a link state routing protocol improve network scalability?

  1. reduces network bandwidth

  2. permits partial table updates

  3. enables route summarization

  4. overcomes router hop limit.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.107

When designing a new enterprise campus network, what topology should be used for maximum scalability?

  1. flat

  2. three-layer

  3. star

  4. partial mesh

  5. full mesh

Correct Answer: B

Question No.108

Which two mechanisms are used by distance vector protocols to prevent routing loops? (Choose two.)

  1. split horizon

  2. route summarization

  3. route poisoning

  4. tuned timers

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.109

You design a network with the following network addresses:

Which route address is the best summary of these network addresses? A.





Correct Answer: C

Question No.110

What two components are used when creating an endpoint#39;s modified EUI-64 format IPv6 address? (Choose two.)

  1. IPv6 Prefix

  2. 64-bit MAC address

  3. 48-bit MAC address

  4. IPv4 Address

  5. Link Local Suffix

Correct Answer: AC

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