101-500 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 51-60

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Question No.51

What can the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) be used for? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

  1. To create RAID 9 arrays.

  2. To dynamically change the size of logical volumes.

  3. To encrypt logical volumes.

  4. To create snapshots.

  5. To dynamically create or delete logical volumes.

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.52

Which Debian package management tool asks the configuration questions for a specific already installed package just as if the package were being installed for the first time? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Correct Answer: dpkg-reconfigure

Question No.53

Which option to the yum command will update the entire system? (Specify ONLY the option name without any additional parameters.)

Correct Answer: update, upgrade

Question No.54

Which of the following is correct when talking about mount points?

  1. Every existing directory can be used as a mount point.

  2. Only empty directories can be used as a mount point.

  3. Directories need to have the SetUID flag set to be used as a mount point.

  4. Files within a directory are deleted when the directory is used as a mount point.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.55

Which grep command will print only the lines that do not end with a / in the file foo?

  1. grep#39;/$#39; foo

  2. grep #39;/##39; foo

  3. grep -v #39;/$#39; foo

  4. grep -v #39;/##39; foo

Correct Answer: C

Question No.56

When given the following command line. echo quot;foo barquot; | tee bar | cat

Which of the following output is created?

  1. cat

  2. foo bar

  3. tee bar

  4. bar

  5. foo

Correct Answer: B

Question No.57

What is the output of the following command? echo quot;Hello Worldquot; | tr -d aieou

  1. Hello World

  2. eoo

  3. Hll Wrld

  4. eoo Hll Wrld

Correct Answer: C

Question No.58

Which of the following files, located in the user home directory, is used to store the Bash history?

  1. .bash_history

  2. .bash_histfile

  3. .history

  4. .bashrc_history

  5. .history_bash

Correct Answer: A

Question No.59

When running the command sed -e quot;s/a/b/quot; /tmp/file gt;/tmp/file

While /tmp/file contains data, why is /tmp/file empty afterwards?

  1. The file order is incorrect. The destination file must be mentioned before the command to ensure redirection.

  2. The command sed did not match anything in that file therefore the output is empty.

  3. When the shell establishes the redirection it overwrites the target file before the redirected command starts and opens itfor reading.

  4. Redirection for shell commands do not work using the gt; character. It only works using the | character instead.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.60

What is the effect of the egrep command when the -v option is used?

  1. It enables color to highlight matching parts.

  2. It only outputs non-matching lines.

  3. It shows the command#39;s version information.

  4. It changes the output order showing the last matching line first.

Correct Answer: B

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