70-290 Practice Tests 004

EnsurepassQuestion 16: You are the systems administrator for XYZ company and have been tasked with setting up SUS to deploy updates to your Windows XP professional and Windows 98 clients. Your network utilizes Active Directory and you install SUS on a Windows 2003 server. None of the Windows 98 clients are receiving the updates, however, everything is working fine for the Windows XP clients. Which of the following is causing this problem? 1. You must download and install the SUS Client for Windows Read more [...]

70-290 Practice Tests 003

EnsurepassQuestion 11: Which of the following tools will upgrade a Windows Server 2003 member servers to a domain controller? 1. GPUpdate 2. Server upgrade wizard 3. MSBA 4. Dcpromo 5. Windows update Correct answer(s): 4 Explanation: In the run dialog box, enter dcpromo to upgrade from a member server to a domain controller.   Question 12: You are the systems administrator for a small company that has only 1 printer. The HR department only uses the printer on Monday to print Read more [...]

70-290 Practice Tests 002

EnsurepassQuestion 6: Which of the following are true regarding automatic updates? 1. Automatic updates are configured in the system control panel 2. Automatic updates use a bandwidth throttling technology called Background Intelligent Transfer Services to prevent the degradation of network performance 3. You must have local administrative rights to configure automatic updates 4. Automatic updates will only install files that have a digital signature Correct answer(s): 3 4 1 2 Question 7: You Read more [...]

70-290 Practice Tests 001

EnsurepassQuestion 1: You have just installed a new Windows Server 2003 server on your network and would like to make the Recovery Console available on startup. How do you accomplish this? 1. Insert the boot disk and type C:>winnt /cmdcons 2. Insert the installation CD and switch to the I386 directory. Type winnt32.exe /cmdcons 3. Launch the backup and recovery MMC and select the option to configure recovery console. 4. Insert the installation CD and switch to the I386 directory. Type winnt Read more [...]