70-620 EXAM Queston 05

Ensurepass Question 41: (QID=25407) You are the desktop support professional for MCMCSE.com. An end user running Windows Vista Ultimate has opened up a help desk ticket because they need help disconnecting their system from their current ad-hoc wireless configuration and connecting their computer to a nearby wireless router. During troubleshooting you realize that for some reason the operating system is not automatically detecting the wireless router. You can access the resources on the Read more [...]

70-620 EXAM Queston 04

Ensurepass Question 31: (QID=25400) You are the technical lead for a large manufacturing company and you recently updated all users' computers to Windows Vista Business Edition The company is trying to deploy a custom web application that will be hosted on a perimeter network to be used by customers and partners. The test users of the application are complaining that when they access the application via the URL and click on specific options in the application, they get a message stating that Read more [...]

70-620 EXAM Queston 03

Ensurepass Question 21: (QID=25425) You are the end user support specialist for MSMCSE.com. You have been tasked with installing and configuring a Bluetooth-enabled handheld device for a user to use on their secured personal area network (PAN). What should you do to complete this task? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) 1. Configure the appropriate wireless security method. 2. Configure the passkey. 3. Turn on Network Discovery. 4. Ensure that the device is discoverable. 5. Read more [...]

70-620 EXAM Queston 02

Ensurepass Question 11: (QID=25422) A user in the Media Relations department of your company saves all of her work in a folder named Current_Projects and creates shadow copies of this folder every evening at 6:00 P.M. Today at 10:00AM she made some tentative edits to a spreadsheet called projects.xls and she accidentally saved the changes and closed out of Excel. The user also made other changes and modification to other files in this folder today. You need to recover the correct version Read more [...]

70-620 EXAM Queston 01

EnsurepassQuestion 1: (QID=25405) You are a desktop support professional for your company. A user has opened a help desk ticket because they are having trouble visiting one specific website where additional browser windows are opening up whenever the site is accessed. During your troubleshooting you notice that he Information Bar is not shown when you access this Website and the additional windows will open. Additional testing on on other sites shows that the Information Bar is active on those sites Read more [...]