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Question 91

Which three characteristics define the identity of an assembly? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)


A.      Simple text name

B.      File size

C.      File creation date

D.      Culture information

E.       Version number


Correct Answer: ADE



Question 92

.NET managed code compiles into:


A.      Assembly language.

B.      Common Intermediate Language (CIL).

C.      Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).

D.      Machine code.


Correct Answer: B



Question 93

Which format is the correct version for a .NET application?


A.      minor.major.revision.build

B.      build.revision.minor.major

C.      major.minor.build.revision

D.      revision.build.major.minor


Correct Answer: C



Question 94

Which two elements are included in a .NET assembly? (Choose two.)


A.      Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code

B.      Extensible Markup Language (XML) code

C.      Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) code

D.      Type metadata

E.       Declared variable types


Correct Answer: AD



Question 95

Which configuration file is automatically created by .NET when the file is needed by the application for the first time?


A.      Web.config

B.      App.config

C.      Machine.config

D.      User.config


Correct Answer: D





Question 96

What data is stored on the heap?


A.      Objects that contain non-value data types

B.      Built-in, intrinsic value types

C.      Values of parameters in methods

D.      References to objects


Correct Answer: A



Question 97

In .NET, the automatic memory management system enables:


A.        Garbage collection.

B.        Synchronization.

C.        Smart caching.

D.        Managed code.


Correct Answer: A



Question 98


Which programming languages can be managed, unmanaged, or both?


To answer, drag the appropriate option or options to the correct location or locations in the answer area. An option may be moved to more than one location, and some options may not be moved at all.


Select and Place:



Correct Answer:




Question 99

You need to ensure that your console application can process each key as it is pressed. Which method should you use?


A.      Console.OpenStandardlnput

B.      Console.ReadKey

C.      Console.Read

D.      Console.ReadLine


Correct Answer: B



Question 100

You want to write log files to a user’s My Documents folder. Which class should you use to locate the My Documents folder?


A.      Directory

B.      Path

C.      Environment

D.      File


Correct Answer: C


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