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Question 41

Type-safe code accesses only the memory locations:


A.      It is authorized to access.

B.      Of objects on the heap.

C.      Of objects that are static or shared.

D.      Of objects on the stack.


Correct Answer: A



Question 42

A type-safe language prevents:


A.      Access to arbitrary memory locations.

B.      Memory leaks.

C.      Null reference exceptions.

D.      Division by zero exceptions.


Correct Answer: A



Question 43

How does managed .NET code use an unmanaged COM object?


A.      The CLR creates a runtime callable wrapper (RCW) that acts as a proxy for the unmanaged object.

B.      The CLR uses events to create asynchronous calls to unmanaged code.

C.      The CLR runs managed code and unmanaged code in separate threads.

D.      The CLR uses shared assemblies to communicate between managed code and unmanaged code.


Correct Answer: A



Question 44

Type-safe code prevents:


A.      Unauthorized memory access.

B.      Slow performance.

C.      Namespace conflicts.

D.      Format exceptions.


Correct Answer: A



Question 45

You need to encrypt data by using a public key and a private key. Which .NET class should you use?


A.      DESCryptoServiceProvider

B.      RijndaelManaged

C.      DSACryptoServiceProvider

D.      TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider


Correct Answer: C



Question 46

You want to enable access to files and folders by using the .NET Framework. Which security class should you use?


A.      UPermission

B.      FileIOPermission

C.      PrincipaIPermission

D.      SecurityPermission


Correct Answer: B



Question 47

Which security policy level applies to all managed code on the computer?


A.      Machine

B.      User

C.      Enterprise

D.      Application domain


Correct Answer: A



Question 48

You need to create an access rule that allows a user named UserA in MyDomain to read the contents of the Log.txt file. Which code segment should you use?














Correct Answer: B



Question 49

Your application requests FileIOPermission to open a file. The permission is denied. Which type of exception will be thrown?


A.      IOException

B.      SecurityException

C.      ArgumentException

D.      VerificationException


Correct Answer: B



Question 50

An event declaration is shown in the following code segment. Public event


What is NewProductEventHandler in the event declaration?


A.      A built-in data type for handling events.

B.      An enumeration that defines the type of the NewProduct variable.

C.      The name of the delegate that will dispatch the event.

D.      The name of the class method that will catch the event.


Correct Answer: C


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