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A customer purchased a Full Packaged Product (FPP) version of Windows 7 Home Premium at a retail store six months ago. The customer requires technical support to restore the operating system to its default settings. You need to tell the customer which party is responsible for providing technical support. Who should you tell the customer to contact?


A.      Microsoft Support

B.      Microsoft Services

C.      The retail store where the client computer was purchased

D.      The hardware manufacturer of the client computer


Correct Answer: A




A customer plans to buy eight new client computers. The customer plans to purchase Windows 7 and to install the software on the new client computers. You need to recommend which type of Windows 7 license the customer must purchase. The solution must minimize licensing costs. Which type of license should you recommend?


A.      Full Packaged Product (FPP)

B.      OEM

C.      Open Business with Microsoft Software Assurance

D.      Open Value


Correct Answer: B




A customer purchases a new client computer that has an OEM license of Windows 7 Ultimate. Which version or versions of Windows is the customer permitted to install on the computer without requiring the purchase of additional licenses? (Choose all that apply.)


A.      Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

B.      Windows XP Media Center Edition

C.      Windows XP Professional

D.      Windows 2000 Professional

E.       Windows Vista Ultimate


Correct Answer: A, C, E






You work for an OEM reseller named Contoso, Ltd. Contoso only has offices in the United States. You have a customer that has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. The customer purchases 30 client computers from Contoso. The client computers have Windows 7 installed. The customer also purchases 10 client computers from an OEM reseller named Litware, Inc. The client computers have Windows 7 installed. Litware only has offices in the United Kingdom. The customer purchased all of the client computers during the past week. The customer wants to purchase OEM licenses of Microsoft Office 2010 for all of the new client computers. What advice should you give the customer?


A.      Office 2010 is unavailable under OEM licensing.

B.      The customer can purchase Office 2010 OEM licenses for all of the 40 client computers from Contoso.

C.      The customer can purchase 30 OEM licenses of Office 2010 from Contoso and 10 OEM licenses of Office 2010 from Litware.

D.      If an OEM license of Office 2010 was not preinstalled on the client computers, it is illegal to install it.


Correct Answer: D




Your company sells a customer two desktops computers. Both of the computers have Windows 7 Professional preinstalled. One of the computers also has Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 preinstalled. The customer contacts you 60 days after the sale requesting to install Office Home and Business 2010 on the computer that was shipped without Office 2010 installed. You need to provide a solution to license Office 2010 on the computer. The solution must minimize costs. What should you do?


A.      Instruct the customer to contact Microsoft for an additional Office Home and Business 2010 product key.

B.      Sell the customer a Full Packaged Product (FPP) license of Office Home and Business 2010.

C.      Sell the customer an OEM license of Office Home and Business 2010.

D.      Instruct the customer to use the product key that came with the other computer.


Correct Answer: B




What are the advantages of genuine Windows? (Choose all that apply.)


A.      free access to Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010

B.      access to Windows Live products

C.      improved protection against viruses and malware

D.      free access to Microsoft Security Essentials

E.       access to all updates from Microsoft


Correct Answer: B, C, D, E





You need to verify whether the OEM who built a system configured Windows 7 to include the appropriate technical support contact information for end users. Which Control Panel item should you open?


To answer, select the appropriate Control Panel item in the answer area.


Hot Area:



Correct Answer:





A customer purchases a Volume license of Microsoft Office 2010. The customer loses the Volume License Key. You need to recommend which method or methods the customer can use to retrieve the key. Which method or methods should you recommend? (Choose all that apply.)


A.      Call the Microsoft Regional Service Center.

B.      Access the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site.

C.      Access the TechNet Subscriber Downloads site.

D.      Access the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) portal.

E.       Call the Microsoft Activation Center.


Correct Answer: D, E




A customer purchases a new server that has an OEM license of Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard preinstalled. The customer plans to exercise the downgrade rights to install Windows Server 2003. You need to recommend which task the customer must perform before the downgrade to ensure that the customer is in compliance with Microsoft licensing policies. What should you recommend that the customer do first?


A.      Back up the existing Windows Server 2008 R2 installation.

B.      Start the server from the Windows Server 2003 installation media.

C.      Reformat the hard disk drive.

D.      Start the server and accept the Windows Server 2008 End User Software License Terms.


Correct Answer: D




A customer enrolls in the Open Value Company-wide licensing program. The customer loses the product key for Windows 7. You need to tell the customer where to obtain the product key. Where should the customer obtain the key?


A.      the Microsoft Licensing webpage

B.      the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)

C.      the Certificate of Authority (COA) label on the client computer

D.      the proof of license label affixed to the installation disc case inside the Windows Package


Correct Answer: B


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