70-290 Practice Tests 002

Question 6:
Which of the following are true regarding automatic updates?
1. Automatic updates are configured in the system control panel
2. Automatic updates use a bandwidth throttling technology called Background Intelligent Transfer Services to prevent the degradation of network performance
3. You must have local administrative rights to configure automatic updates
4. Automatic updates will only install files that have a digital signature
Correct answer(s): 3 4 1 2

Question 7:
You are the systems administrator for XYZ Corporation. Your company’s policies require that all drivers used on your Windows 2003 production servers be digitally signed. You have been asked to audit the servers and make sure that they are in compliance. Which of the following tools will allow you to verify this?
1. Sigverif
2. Signdrv
3. Checksig
4. Sigchecker
5. Drvsign
Correct answer(s): 1
Explanation: A digital signature indicates that a driver file is an original, unaltered system file that Microsoft has approved for use with Windows Server 2003. Sigverif is the File Signature Verification Utility which will scan a server’s system files and verify that they are digitally signed.

Question 8:
Which of the following operating systems can be upgraded to Windows Server 2003?
1. Windows 2000 Professional
2. Windows ME
3. Windows XP
4. Windows NT 4.0 with SP4 or higher
5. Windows 2000 Server
6. Windows NT 4.0 with SP5 or higher
Correct answer(s): 6 5
Explanation: The only operating systems that can be upgraded to Windows Server 2003 are Windows 2000 Server and Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 5 or higher.

Question 9:
You assign Stan a quota of 100mb on the company server named Sales1. He attempts to copy a compressed folder containing 90mb of compressed data to the partition on the server. The operation will not complete and Stan receives an error message that he has run out of disk space. How do you correct this problem while maintaining a limit for Stan?
1. Disable the Deny Disk Space to Users Exeeding Quota Limit option
2. Find out the size of his data when it is uncompressed and increase his quota to this amount
3. Check the Do Not Limit Disk Usage option
4. Disk Quotas and compression are incompatible. Stan must uncompress his files before copying them to the server
Correct answer(s): 2
Explanation: Quotas ignore the size of compressed files and use their uncompressed file sizes therefore in order to maintain a limit for Stan, you would need to increase his quota to the size of his data when it is uncompressed.

Question 10:
You are the administrator of a Windows Server 2003 network with 500 XP clients. Only 100 of the XP clients have internet access, however, you are tasked with making sure that all computers receive the latest updates from Microsoft. Which of the following will accomplish this?
1. Windows Update
2. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
3. Automatic Update
4. Software Update Services
Correct answer(s): 4
Explanation: Windows Update and Automatic Update require that the client be able to connect to the internet. The MS Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a tool that scans the system and verifies that there are no security holes and that the latest updates have been applied. Software Update Service (SUS) downloads Windows updates to a server allowing an administrator to test and determine which updates will be sent to the clients. It also allows clients that have limited or no internet access to still receive updates.

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