70-290 Practice Tests 001

Question 1:
You have just installed a new Windows Server 2003 server on your network and would like to make the Recovery Console available on startup. How do you accomplish this?
1. Insert the boot disk and type C:>winnt /cmdcons
2. Insert the installation CD and switch to the I386 directory. Type winnt32.exe /cmdcons
3. Launch the backup and recovery MMC and select the option to configure recovery console.
4. Insert the installation CD and switch to the I386 directory. Type winnt /cmdcons
Correct answer(s): 2
Explanation: Once this has been installed, the boot.ini file will be modified so that when the machine is booted there will be a selectable option when booting. If you choose not to install the Recovery Console as a bootable option, you can always run it from the installation disk when needed.

Question 2:
You install a new Windows Server 2003 and join it to your existing network which consists of Windows 2000 Servers and Windows XP clients. Which mode should Windows Server 2003 run in?
1. Replication mode
2. Random mode
3. Mixed mode
4. Native mode
Correct answer(s): 4
Explanation: Mixed mode is used when there are Windows NT servers/clients on the network. Random and replication modes are ficticious.

Question 3:
Which type of RAID will allow you to recover your Windows Server 2003 server from a disk controller failure?
1. Disk Duplexing
2. Disk Mirroring
3. Disk Striping
4. Disk Striping with parity
Correct answer(s): 1
Explanation: Disk duplexing uses multiple disk controllers which not only provides redundancy in case of disk failure, but controller failure as well.

Question 4:
Your boss asks you to set up a Windows 2003 test server on an existing machine. The only available computer has the following configuration:
RAM – 128mb
Processor – Pentium III 500 MHZ
Hard Drive – 40GB
Which of these must be upgraded before you can install Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition?
1. Processor
2. RAM
3. None of the items need to be upgraded
4. Hard Drive
Correct answer(s): 3
Explanation: The minimum requirements to install Windows server 2003 are:
Processor – PC with a 133-MHz processor required
Memory – 128 MB of RAM required
Hard disk – 1.25 to 2 GB of available hard-disk space


Question 5:
You are the administrator for a new company and are in charge of setting up their network. Initially, there will be 1 Windows 2003 server and 5 Windows XP clients. Which of the following licensing options would be the best in this situation?
1. Per server licensing on the server
2. Per seat licensing
3. Per server licensing on the clients
4. No licensing is necessary for a network this small
Correct answer(s): 1
Explanation: Per seat licensing is the most often used method, however, for a network with one server and a few clients, Per Server is the better option. There is no such thing as per server licensing on the clients.

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